Punching 2k selects barrier on zabbix MySQL DB backend

Doing review of last two months zabbix DB activity I found that for less than week our zabbix DB backend has been doing regularly +2k selects/s reaching in peak more than 6.5k selects/s. It was due of one of our customers have been experimenting with mirroring some monitoring data over zabbix API. I’ve been carefully watching this and informing people around however all zabbix web frontend users not been able to notice selects rate increase as all additional selects have been hitting well cached DB data in ZFS ARC.

Here is the graph:zabbix_db_coms.png

And last graph showing CPU usage in the same period on this machine:


As it is possible to see that impact on CPU usage effectively was zero/null 🙂

#mysql, #solaris, #zabbix