VoCore2 serial console – equipment

About three weeks ago I’ve started playing with VoCore2. Quite quickly playing with setup over web interface accidentally I’ve disabled wifi and lost remote access over network to this device. Of  course only way to unlock it was connecting over serial UART port and attach to serial console to change settings. Here is where my problems started because I’ve found that VoCore circuit board and all connection points are so small that I have no equipment to connect to SC without soldering. After I found some thin enough wires and unbricking my VoCore I’ve started looking for proper equipment which could be used on safely playing with my new toy. I’ve ordered about 20 different things and today I’ve received my first package in which I found something to solve connecting temporary wires to VoCore in some civilized way.
On AliExpress I found mini grabber SMD IC test hook clip jumper probe.

Connecting to UART1vocor2_with_jumper_hook_clips

Connecting to UART2 (serial console)vocor2_with_jumper_hook_clips_uart2

These clips have hooks which are thin enough to connect to 1.27mm holes in circuit board and they have two square sockets to which it is possible to connect standard 2.54mm jump cables.