My zabbix patches for zabbix 3.2.7

If someone quite often is spending a time on creating new templates quite important is to use the same set of settings for all items or graphs. As well few default web frontend settings are not IMO so useful as they can be in large sale monitoring so when I’m building my own rpm packages I’m few my patches to change some settings.

I’ve decided to publish few my patches which I’m updating since probably zabbix 1.8. Attached archive is for latest zabbix 3.2.

In attached tar.gz file are patches:

  1. zabbix-default-200_lines_in_dashboard.patch
    • chage in default length of latest alarms from default 20 to 200.
  2. zabbix-default-create_graph_with_axe_on_righ_side.patch
    • create new graph with default vertical axe always on right side
  3. zabbix-default-creatchage e_graph_with_default_all_func.patch
    • create new graph with “all” function to show on trends graphs min/max band with avg line instead only avg
  4. zabbix-default-frontend-php.patch
    • change ZBX_PERIOD_DEFAULT from 1h to 3h so any first time seen graph will be offered in 3h time scale instead 1h
  5. zabbix-default-graph_900x400.patch
    • change newely created graph default resolution to 900×400
  6. zabbix-default-history_15d.patch
    • newely created item will have hard coded 15d raw history data ifg globally if this value is not overwritten by zabbix server settings to ignore all items history length and used global one
  7. zabbix-default-item_type_zabbix_item_active.patch
    • crate new item as zabix active
  8. zabbix-default-SNMP_comunity.patch
    • in SNMP new item use as SNMP community {$SNMP_COMUNITY} instead hardcoded “public” and offer blank OID instead interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1.
  9. zabbix-default-proxy_ZBX_MAX_HRECORDS_50000.patch
    • increase max size of the proxy batch of the monitoring data from default 1000 to 50000

Most of those patches are correcting/adjusting personal preferences so they are not worth to push to zabbix however it would better to have possibility to change those settings over Administration->General instead fiddling in php zabbix application code.
Probably only default-SNMP_comunity patch is worth to push it to regular zabbix code.
proxy_ZBX_MAX_HRECORDS_50000 patch has been published here by me few times and hopefully zabbix dev team will allow tune ZBX_MAX_HRECORDS over proxy configuration setting not forcing to recompile binaries.

archive with all those patches is included in attachment of the post on zabbix patch forum