[Announce]: Zabbix templates 1.0.4

I’m glad to announce release my set of zabbix templates. Recently I’ve spent some time cleaning, updating and documenting those templates to prepare them to first official release.


The goal of the project is to provide the full alternative set of templates with naming convention across applications, item names, graphs and screens allowing easier navigation across monitoring data.
On maintaining those templates I’ve been using my Zabbix API SH binding (AKA zapish).
export_templates script allows easy dump templates over zabbix API to per template directory structure with reporting if something new has been found in just exported templates.

Feel free to comment/discuss those templates here or by send some git new issue topic or contribute by send git PR.


1.0.4 (2018-06-11)

  • The first version tagged in git repo to stamp state of templates and tools and to provide better tracking changes by using git command
  • The development of the next versions of the templates will continue on devel branch. When all changes are ready devel branch will be merged to master one. It will be way better for those who have interested enough tested template.
  • Recent changes
    • All templates:
      • change all graphs resolution to 1200×300
    • ICMP
      • Screens:
        • new NET::ICMP
    • MIB
      • changed all description OID trees URLs to http://www.oidview.com/mibs/ based (http://support.ipmonitor.comseems no longer available)
      • IF-MIB
        • Applications:
          • the new prototype for all interfaces LLD prototype items IF-MIB::interfaces::{#IFDESCR}
        • LLDs:
          • new interfaces LLD discovery[{#IFDESCR},IF-MIB::ifDescr,{#IFOPERSTATUS},IF-MIB::ifOperStatus] and added filter to remove from the list all interfaces with ifOperStatus=Down state. Switch from {#SNMPVALUE} to {#IFDESCR} as macro indexing all prototype items
        • Screens:
          • new:
            • IF-MIB::ifHCOctets
            • IF-MIB::ifOctets
      • SNMPv2-MIB
        • Applications:
          • rename mib-2.system to SNMPv2-MIB::system and mib-2.system.snmp to ”’SNMPv2-MIB::snmp”’ to use matching MIB naming conventoion
        • Items:
          • changed units in update interval from number of seconds to number of m/h/d
        • Graphs:
          • new normal graph SNMPv2-MIB::snmpPkts with SNMPv2-MIB::snmp{in,Out}Pkts OIDs presenting rate of SNMP requests/replies
    • OS Linux
      • Items:
        • added MEM:: items descriptions
        • fixed NET::segments retransmitted item use new sed regexp in this item s/\( *\)\(.*\) segments retransmitted*/\2/ p/
      • Triggers:
        • fixed typo in name: s/SYS:uname changed/SYS::uname changed/
        • rename “Lack of free memory” to MEM::free {ITEM.LASTVALUE}
        • use diff()=1 function (instead change() and str()) in triggers:
          • HW::devices list has been changed
          • HW::CPU info has changed
    • OS Solaris
      • Triggers:
        • fixed typo in trigger name s/SYS:uname changed/SYS::uname changed/
        • added MEM::free {ITEM.LASTVALUE}
    • OS Windows
      • Triggers:
        • rename trigger name to the same name as it is in other OS templates s/Host information was changed/SYS:uname changed/
        • rename “Lack of free memory” to MEM::free {ITEM.LASTVALUE}
    • Service MySQL
      • Applications:
        • new:
        • SVC::MySQL::cfg for all read configuration parameters
        • SVC::MySQL::Com for all Com_* metrics
        • SVC::MySQL::DB::{#DB} prototype for all per database metrics
        • SVC::MySQL::innodb for all innodb storage engine metrics
        • SVC::MySQL::threads for all treads related metrics
      • Graphs:
        • new SVC::MySQL::threads with Threads_cachedThreads_connected and Threads_running metrics
      • Items:
        • new max_allowed_packet – the maximum size of one packet or any generated/intermediate string
        • new show_compatibility_56 – show is MySQL engine running in MySQL 5.6 compatibility mode is ON/OFF
        • new Threads_cached – the number of threads in the thread cache
        • mew Threads_running – the number of threads that are not sleeping
        • rewrite most of the items SQL queries to use uppercase SQL keywords and lowercase for table names and row names (this will cause problems with imprt new template b ut I need to standarize thuis before first officially announced release of the templates)
      • Screens:
        • new SVC::MySQL::threads which combines SVC::MySQL::threads graph and Connections simple graph
      • Triggers:
        • new SVC::MySQL::version has been changed (severity: Not classified)
        • new SVC::MySQL::cfg::show_compatibility_56=ON (severity: High, because this template requires show_compatibility_56=OFF)
    • Service Zabbix Proxy
      • Applications:
        • new SVC::Zabbix Proxy::proc
      • Graphs:
        • updated:
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::process busy %
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::data gathering process busy %
      • Items:
        • new:
          • proc::busy::configuration syncer
          • proc::busy::data sender
          • proc::busy::heartbeat sender
          • proc::busy::ipmi manager
          • proc::busy::ipmi poller
          • proc::busy::java poller
          • proc::busy::snmp trapper
          • wcache::index::pfree
        • delete items which have been by mistake copied from Service Zabbix Server template
          • wcache::text::free
          • wcache::text::total
          • wcache::text::used
        • move Processes:: items to SVC::Zabbix Proxy::proc Application
        • rename all Processes::$4::$2 to proc::$4::$2 and remove quotes on all those items second key parameter (to allow easy migration from standard “Template App Zabbix Proxy” template)
      • Triggers:
        • new:
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::configuration syncer >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::data sender >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::heartbeat sender >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::ipmi manager >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::ipmi poller >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::java poller >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::snmp trapper >=75% busy
          • SVC::zabbix_proxy::vmware collector >=75% busy
    • Service Zabbix Server
      • Applications:
        • new:
          • SVC::Zabbix Server::rcache::buffer
          • SVC::Zabbix Server::vcache::buffer
          • SVC::Zabbix Server::vcache::cache
          • SVC::Zabbix Server::wcache::history
          • SVC::Zabbix Server::wcache::trend
          • SVC::Zabbix Server::wcache::values
        • rename SVC::Zabbix Server::process::busy to SVC::Zabbix Server::proc
      • Graphs:
        • updated SVC::zabbix_server::process busy %
        • new SVC::zabbix_server::preprocessing queue
      • Items:
        • added all items descriptions
        • new:
          • proc::busy::alert manager %
          • proc::busy::escalator %
          • proc::busy::ipmi manager %
          • proc::busy::ipmi poller %
          • proc::busy::java poller %
          • proc::busy::preprocessing manager %
          • proc::busy::preprocessing worker %
          • proc::busy::proxy poller %
          • proc::busy::snmp trapper poller %
          • proc::busy::task manager %
          • proc::busy::timer %
          • proc::busy::vmware collector %
          • triggers
          • queue::preprocessing
        • remove items::queued (it duplicates information provided by queue::* items)
        • removed quotes around processes names to make migration from standard zabbix template easier
        • rename all process::* items to proc::* (keep it in sync with proxy template)
        • rename Uptime to uptime
        • Triggers:
          • new:
            • SVC::zabbix_server::alert manager processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::escalator processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::ipmi manager processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::ipmi poller processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::java poller processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::preprocessing manager processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::preprocessing worker processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::proxy poller processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::snmp trapper processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::task manager processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::timer processes >=75% busy
            • SVC::zabbix_server::vmware collector processes >=75% busy
    • Service Nginx
      • new template

List of templates:



It would be really nice…

It would be really nice to have fully integrated DTrace into Linus tree. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.10 Released with…

OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.10 Released with Latest X.Org Server, MATE 1.18 Desktop

OpenZFS Developer Summit 2017 live.


Zabbix 3.4.3 has been released

As usually many bug fixes https://www.zabbix.com/rn3.4.3.
Just done upgrade to 3.4.3 on my lapto by rebuilding my rpm packages using oneliner:

$ cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS; sed -i 's/\(Version:.\( *\|\t*\)\)\(.*\)/\13.4.3/' zabbix.spec; wget -P ../SOURCES $(rpmbuild -bp --define "prep %dump" zabbix.spec 2>&1 | awk '/SOURCEURL0/ {print $3}'); rpmbuild -ba --quiet zabbix.spec; sudo rpm -Fvh ../RPMS/x86_64/zabbix**

My first Fedora package maintenance

Few months ago I’ve applied for packager permission on my Fedora developer account and after passing process taking over xml-security-c package which quite long not been well maintained I’ve started my work.

Today after many small issues (not everything is well explained in Fedora documentation) I’ve managed first time finish committing all my changes to Fedora git repository and push build xml-security-c for rawhide and f27 branch.

Summary list of changes in new xml-security-c release and some fedpkg output:

* Wed Aug 30 2017 Tomasz Kłoczko – 1.7.3-2
  • added patch which allows build xml-security-c against openssl 1.1
  • added ac_fixes patch: do not use sed to remove hardcoded compile options. Use patch because you will never know is such correction still needed (added autoconf, automake and libtool to BuildRequires)
  • added libstdc++-devel to BuildReqires and to devel Requires
  • add explicit all %%configure options to prevent build by mistake package against nss and force use openssl
  • added –disable-debug to %%configure options
  • added use %%autosetup in %%prep
  • do not waste IOs on remove not packaged files and add them %%files with %%exclude
  • indent and clean spec (move patch comments to the patch)

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